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April 02, 2017



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Meet the Maker: Haspel

Meet Haspel: Over 100 Years of Men's Fashion

Joseph Haspel Sr. was the first to recognize the power of the pucker. He founded his eponymous brand in 1909 with the goal of creating clothes that could stand up to his native New Orleans heat. He knew that the Brits used this strangely puckered cloth called seersucker in India and thought it could translate well from a laborer’s outfit to a hot-weather-ready suit.

He was right, the world agreed and quickly Haspel became synonymous with summertime soigné and the jazz hot, cayenne kick of the Crescent City style. Yankee prepsters at Princeton weren’t far behind, snapping up this "It Suit" and spreading it through the Ivy League as a signifier of a true gentleman. Lawn parties ensued.

Fast-forward to the present day, enter Laurie Haspel stage right. She is Joseph Haspel Sr.'s great grand daughter and current steward of the legacy and a firecracker who reignited the brand for a new generation. Laurie tapped renowned designers to create clothing that echoes its founder. Seersucker remains in the soul but the party is now year round offering full lines of tailored, sportswear and accessory items.

Re-launched in Spring 2014, the brand which created its original seersucker suits in a New Orleans factory, is glad to continue to support domestic design. Now available at The Sporting District for the first time, the new Haspel is classic, authentic clothing that celebrates living in the moment, vintage vitality, Southern hospitality, and gutsy ingenuity from Bourbon Street to Broadway.

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