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March 27, 2017



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Meet the Maker: In God We Must

The Sporting District is honored to welcome In God We Must to our roster of exceptional American Makers and Craftsmen. IGMW is a business based around the concept of the Land of the Free. Georgia maker Elijah Richards creates "products of quiet excellence:" custom rings, tag necklaces, cufflinks, and other American-made provisions, all made by hand.    

Among the IGWM product line, the items that we now proudly carry include Texas state quarter rings in a variety of sizes, Texas state quarter tag necklaces, Buffalo Nickel cufflinks, and Indian Head cufflinks.

What is a tag necklace? Says IGWM,

“We first punch, sand, dome, and bend the coin into a ring – and then we cut, heat & hammer to perfection. It is quite the process, but seeing them completed and presented in another form, other than a coin, is satisfying.

Stop by the shop located at the Historic Pearl Brewery in San Antonio to check these out in person, and look out for them on the website in the next few weeks!



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