Flavored Toothpicks


Daneson makes small batch flavored toothpicks using premium natural ingredients like essential oils and single malt scotch. These oils give the sticks a subtle aroma and an experience that is unique from batch to batch, changing over time much like a fine wine. Perfect for garnishing your favorite cocktails!

As a general rule, the folks at Daneson like to under-promise and over-deliver - with this in mind, each bottle has a minimum of a dozen toothpicks. 

CINNAMINT Nº 7 are part of an American tradition of cinnamon toothpicks, albeit Daneson's have a subtle hint of raw mint. This creates a sweet sensation that blends nicely with the warming heat of cinnamon. 

Mint Nº 9 is a blend of natural oils from several mint varieties, along with peppermint, and a touch of wintergreen with sweet fennel.

Single Malt Nº16recipe with barrel aged Islay single malt scotch from a 200 year old distillery is what makes the Single Malt Nº16 special. Unhurried, it imbues a subtle boozy, peaty flavour when warmed in the mouth after several minutes. If you're not a scotch drinker you likely will not pick up on the subtlety of Nº16 because it is soaked with premium single malt then kiln dried, leaving behind flavours deep in the wood of the toothpick.  


Bourbon Nº 22 is steeped with six-year-old barrel aged Kentucky straight bourbon, best appreciated by aficionados with a southern state of mind who understand the subtle nuances in fine Kentucky whiskey. Notwithstanding heat and spice you would expect from bourbon, look for notes of smokey oak, vanilla, tobacco, and fruit. 

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