Solid Colognes

Bawston & Tucker

Aroostook - FRESH - SWEET - WOODY Imagine the fresh smells of a winding river with touches of sweet citrus & woody tones of bergamot & patchouli.

Hurytt - SWEET - CITRUS - WOODY - Imagine the sweet smells of honeysuckle & french lavender balancing with touches of citrus notes of sweet bergamot & orange while exploring a forest full of woody rich aromas like cashmere woods & timber.

Motega - SWEET - SPICY - WOODY Imagine the sweet smells of rich mandarin as an arrow soars across the sky precisely hitting it’s target, releasing hints of spicy & woody notes of black pepper & sandalwood.

Tuskalusa - SWEET - CITRUS - SMOKY Imagine the sweet undertones of tonka bean & amber aiding a warrior through the day's battle, while touches of citrus & smoky notes of bergamot and guaiac woods prepare the fearless man to conquer his desires.

Boston & Tucker solid colognes made with sweet almond oil, beeswax, shea butter and a rugged fragrance are super concentrated, but subtle cologne crafted for the adventurous gentleman.  Super versatile and uniquely interacts with your own body chemistry.

To use our solid colognes, just slide your finger in cologne to warm up the solid. The oils from the fragrance, almond oil, shea butter will release on your finger.  Then, dab to your pulse points such as the neck, wrists & behind the ears. Repeat as needed.

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